Fact Sheet

Company name: The Performance Testing Council, Inc.
Type of Company: A non-stock, non-profit 501 (c) (6) corporation
Founded: March, 2002
Incorporated: October, 2003, Delaware, USA

Directors and Officers:

Catharine Cooper,President and Chair -Pearson VUE

Kpayah Tamba, Director - Citrix

Rory McCorkle , Director - PSI Services LLC

Maurilio Gorito, Director and Secretary- Pure Storage

Beverly van de Velde, Director - Symantec

Wallace Judd, Director and Treasurer- Authentic Testing and CertNT

Julie Wineberg, Executive Director, The Performance Testing Council, Inc.

Committee Chairs

Ellen Julian, Psychometrics - Inteleos Psychometric Services

Melissa Tuite, Design and Delivery - Palo Alto Networks

Contact Information:
Phone: (917) 238-6228
FAX: (610) 340-2429
Address: The Performance Testing Council, Inc.

10309 Berkshire Rd .

Bloomington, MN   55437
Federal Employer ID Number (EIN): 20-03341 63
Delaware State Corporation ID: 372 0739
URL: http:// www.performancetest.org
Wire Transfer: Available upon request