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Items in Performance Testing
"Multiple-choice item writers probably spend at least 75 percent of their time and effort crafting plausible lies. Think about it: a multiple choice test with choices a, b, c, and d consists of thr..."
April 16 2009
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Chicago Summit
"Palm Springs was a beautiful venue for the February Performance Testing Council Summit and although it was a whirlwind summit, there was plenty of time to network, great presentations and lots of dial..."
March 27 2009
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Care to Try a Sample?
"I tried posting the following to this blog, but unfortunately I have not yet mastered the brevity that blogging requires. My post here was truncated. We are working on improving the functionality of..."
March 05 2009
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Learning, Education, Training System Interoperability
"The Learning, Education, Training System Interoperability has recently posted on their website www.letsi.org an assumptions document for the interoperability for the Sharable Object Reference Model (S..."
Feb. 17 2009
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Wallace Judd
Reliability -- Three Types
"I've always thought of reliability as a unary concept... something you tried to measure with increasing precision. Recently I've been reading Guilford, "Fundamental statistics in psychology and edu..."
Feb. 13 2009
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