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Performance Testing Council Summit Redmond, WA is Oct 3&4!
Microsoft will host us at their campus in Redmond, WA. We will meet all day Oct 3rd and the morning of Oct 4th.

The afternoon of Oct 4th we will have a half day information sharing between the Performance Testing Council and the ITCC.

Registration will open August 1st with an early bird rate!

Webinar Series: Live Testing, Simulations, and VR - Oh my! Making sense of the world of performance testing
In recent years, conversations have occurred between individuals in the performance testing space discussing what truly makes up performance testing. This webinar aims to go over the various types of performance testing, ranging from live environment testing to virtual reality and simulations to board assessments. We will discuss the fidelity of each type of testing, and how we delineate between delivery types.

July 31, 2017 - 2:00pm Central

The webinar will also discuss examples of the types of performance testing. Finally, we will cover the pros and cons of each, from validity, financial, and implementation perspectives. Come join to learn more about the breadth of the world of performance testing, and where your program (or potential program) may fit in the continuum!

Rory is the Vice President of Certification Services for PSI. He helps certification clients meet their goals through a suite of services offered by PSI, while leading a team of business development, account mgmt, and consulting professionals. Rory has worked with over 125 associations and IT credentialing organizations, including well-known licensure programs and globally renowned certifications. Previously, Rory served as the President of International Credentialing Associates (ICA).

Join us for this complimentary webinar! Just send an email to julie@performancetest.org to reserve your seat.

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Events Testimonials

"What I liked about the Summit was meeting testing experts; being collaborative; open dialog and new ideas to apply on the job."

—Susan Felker

"Access to leading psychometricians is invaluable. To generate the science of performance testing you need to see diverse applications and the presentations at the Summits continue to amaze me."

—Johnny Weissmuller

"The Summit met my expectations because of the high level of knowledge and serious presentation format plus the integrity behind the mandate for performance testing."

—Yvonne Prefontaine