"testing by doing" for the Psychometrician...

  • Improve the science of testing

Challenges for the Psychometrician...

  • Existing testing/certification standards provide a framework for addressing performance testing issues and environments. These standards are being extended and elaborated & new standards are being developed for performance testing
  • New psychometric methods and procedures are being developed that apply specifically to performance testing
  • A growing body of research is becoming available for analyzing and validating performance tests
  • Performance testing research is gaining visibility and credibility

What PTC can do to help...

  • Share resources with the Psychometrics Committee
  • Work with organizations in implementing, extending and developing testing standards
  • Organize and sponsor research
  • Access to specific psychometric resources and aids
  • We are looking for committed individuals to assist in the creation of industry-changing solutions. If you are a Psychometrician interested in assisting us, please contact us to see how you can become a member of the Performance Testing Council.

    Visit our Resources section for access to documents related to the psychometrics of performance testing. The documents are under psychometrics and include software tools, data sets, research papers, working papers and committee reports.

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