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Translating Multiple Choice Items to Performance Based
A PTC Workshop - Translating MC items to PT items
Judd, Wallace08/12/2008pdf 17047kbView »
Job Task Analysis for Performance Based Testing
A PTC Workshop - JTA for PT
Adair, Jim & Berry, Thomas08/12/2008pdf 7682kbView »
Gating Items - A New Item Type
A paper exploring an item type which an examinee must pass as a condition of passing a test. Failing a gating item results in failure on the test.
Judd, Wallace09/12/2008pdf 139211kbView »
Barriers to Performance Testing in IT Certification
A paper describing the barriers to performance testing in IT certification which was the result of a brainstorming session of leaders in the IT industry and supporters of performance testing
Various09/12/2008pdf 104266kbView »
An Annotated Bibliography of Performance Testing
Performance Testing Council Annotated Bibliography
Becker, Kirk03/17/2005pdf 77145kbView »
Building Constructed-Response; Performance-based Examination Items on a Multiple-Choice Budget!
Autodesk Performance Exam Items
Koneman, Phillip12/05/2008pdf 1853658kbView »
Benefits of Performance Testing
Article from Certification Magazine about the benefits of Performance Testing
Certification Magazine04/24/2004doc 26624kbView »
Cisco Summit Presentation - Deer Valley
Cisco hands on Certification Program - Deer Valley Summit, 2004
Matt O’Donoghue, Cisco team12/30/2008pps 4435968kbView »
Air Traffic .PPS
Screening Air Traffic Control Applicants - A test battery
Waugh, Gordon, Wise, Laurie, HumRRO02/01/2005pps 877568kbView »
Performance Testing Council Standard Tier Levels
Hardware tiers defined for delivery of performance items
Standards Review Board02/01/2005pdf 164601kbView »
New Standards for New Item Types
Session description for New Standards for New Item Types
Judd, Wallace10/22/2008pdf 16365kbView »
Performance Testing Design Approaches - Executive Summary
An Overview of the performance testing design approaches project
Lopes, Elaine, Design and Delivery Committee12/31/2008pdf 6606kbView »
Standards Review Process Flow Chart
A flow chart of the process for creating a performance testing standard
Standards Review Board02/01/2005jpg 95142kbView »
Standards review submission process
The process for submitting documents for consideration as a standard
Standards Review Board09/04/2004pdf 82507kbView »
The Guilds and Performance Testing
A presentation at the Boulder Summit
Judd, Wallace10/23/2008wav 55605804kbView »

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