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An Annotated Bibliography of Performance Testing
Performance Testing Council Annotated Bibliography
Becker, Kirk03/17/2005pdf 77145kbView »
Building Constructed-Response; Performance-based Examination Items on a Multiple-Choice Budget!
Autodesk Performance Exam Items
Koneman, Phillip12/05/2008pdf 1853658kbView »
Benefits of Performance Testing
Article from Certification Magazine about the benefits of Performance Testing
Certification Magazine04/24/2004doc 26624kbView »
Cisco Summit Presentation - Deer Valley
Cisco hands on Certification Program - Deer Valley Summit, 2004
Matt O’Donoghue, Cisco team12/30/2008pps 4435968kbView »
Air Traffic .PPS
Screening Air Traffic Control Applicants - A test battery
Waugh, Gordon, Wise, Laurie, HumRRO02/01/2005pps 877568kbView »
Performance Testing Council Standard Tier Levels
Hardware tiers defined for delivery of performance items
Standards Review Board02/01/2005pdf 164601kbView »
New Standards for New Item Types
Session description for New Standards for New Item Types
Judd, Wallace10/22/2008pdf 16365kbView »
Performance Testing Design Approaches - Executive Summary
An Overview of the performance testing design approaches project
Lopes, Elaine, Design and Delivery Committee12/31/2008pdf 6606kbView »
Standards Review Process Flow Chart
A flow chart of the process for creating a performance testing standard
Standards Review Board02/01/2005jpg 95142kbView »
Standards review submission process
The process for submitting documents for consideration as a standard
Standards Review Board09/04/2004pdf 82507kbView »
The Guilds and Performance Testing
A presentation at the Boulder Summit
Judd, Wallace10/23/2008wav 55605804kbView »
LET Application Functionality
This is a graphic from the LETSI.ORG group which illustrates the assumptions for the SCORM 2.0 training and testing interoperability projects that LETSI.ORG is initiating. LETSI is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving systems interoperability and supporting innovation in learning, education, and training technology.
The International Federation for Learning, Education, and Training Systems Interoperability (LETSI)02/17/2009JPG 56676kbView »
Assessing Skills Unavailable Through Multiple-Choice Testing
COBRA - Presentation at the Palm Springs Summit, Feb. 2009
Rosenthal, Doug02/25/2009ppt 2605568kbView »
Scoring and Classifying Examinee Using Measurement Decision Theory
This paper describes and evaluates the use of measurement decision theory (MDT) to classify examinees based on their item response patterns.
Rudner, Lawrence04/27/2009pdf 262064kbView »
Ricci v. DeStefano - Petitioners' Reply Brief on the Merits
Attorneys for Petitioners05/11/2009pdf 147389kbView »

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