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Testing Director's Guide to Psychometrics - A PTC workshop
A description of PTC Workshop - Testing Director's Guide to Psychometrics
Judd, Wallace08/12/2008pdf 7503kbView »
The PTC - The Beginning
A Powerpoint presentation of a brief history of the PTC and the benefits of membership
Judd, Wallace07/14/2008pdf 294705kbView »
Standards and Best Practices - a comparative
What is a Best Practice and what is a Standard and how are they related
PTC Standards Review Board08/12/2008pdf 95907kbView »
APA Testing Standards
A powerpoint presentation discussing APA testing standards that require modification to apply to performance tests.
Judd, Wallace10/10/2007ppt 332800kbView »
Translating Multiple Choice Items to Performance Based
A PTC Workshop - Translating MC items to PT items
Judd, Wallace08/12/2008pdf 17047kbView »
Job Task Analysis for Performance Based Testing
A PTC Workshop - JTA for PT
Adair, Jim & Berry, Thomas08/12/2008pdf 7682kbView »
Gating Items - A New Item Type
A paper exploring an item type which an examinee must pass as a condition of passing a test. Failing a gating item results in failure on the test.
Judd, Wallace09/12/2008pdf 139211kbView »
Barriers to Performance Testing in IT Certification
A paper describing the barriers to performance testing in IT certification which was the result of a brainstorming session of leaders in the IT industry and supporters of performance testing
Various09/12/2008pdf 104266kbView »
An Annotated Bibliography of Performance Testing
Performance Testing Council Annotated Bibliography
Becker, Kirk03/17/2005pdf 77145kbView »
Building Constructed-Response; Performance-based Examination Items on a Multiple-Choice Budget!
Autodesk Performance Exam Items
Koneman, Phillip12/05/2008pdf 1853658kbView »
Benefits of Performance Testing
Article from Certification Magazine about the benefits of Performance Testing
Certification Magazine04/24/2004doc 26624kbView »
Cisco Summit Presentation - Deer Valley
Cisco hands on Certification Program - Deer Valley Summit, 2004
Matt O’Donoghue, Cisco team12/30/2008pps 4435968kbView »
Air Traffic .PPS
Screening Air Traffic Control Applicants - A test battery
Waugh, Gordon, Wise, Laurie, HumRRO02/01/2005pps 877568kbView »
Performance Testing Council Standard Tier Levels
Hardware tiers defined for delivery of performance items
Standards Review Board02/01/2005pdf 164601kbView »
New Standards for New Item Types
Session description for New Standards for New Item Types
Judd, Wallace10/22/2008pdf 16365kbView »
Performance Testing Design Approaches - Executive Summary
An Overview of the performance testing design approaches project
Lopes, Elaine, Design and Delivery Committee12/31/2008pdf 6606kbView »
Standards Review Process Flow Chart
A flow chart of the process for creating a performance testing standard
Standards Review Board02/01/2005jpg 95142kbView »
Standards review submission process
The process for submitting documents for consideration as a standard
Standards Review Board09/04/2004pdf 82507kbView »
The Guilds and Performance Testing
A presentation at the Boulder Summit
Judd, Wallace10/23/2008wav 55605804kbView »
LET Application Functionality
This is a graphic from the LETSI.ORG group which illustrates the assumptions for the SCORM 2.0 training and testing interoperability projects that LETSI.ORG is initiating. LETSI is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving systems interoperability and supporting innovation in learning, education, and training technology.
The International Federation for Learning, Education, and Training Systems Interoperability (LETSI)02/17/2009JPG 56676kbView »
Assessing Skills Unavailable Through Multiple-Choice Testing
COBRA - Presentation at the Palm Springs Summit, Feb. 2009
Rosenthal, Doug02/25/2009ppt 2605568kbView »
Scoring and Classifying Examinee Using Measurement Decision Theory
This paper describes and evaluates the use of measurement decision theory (MDT) to classify examinees based on their item response patterns.
Rudner, Lawrence04/27/2009pdf 262064kbView »
Ricci v. DeStefano - Petitioners' Reply Brief on the Merits
Attorneys for Petitioners05/11/2009pdf 147389kbView »
Ricci v. DeStefano - Thoughts
Justices Ponder Whether Scrapping Test Was Reverse Bias Against White Firefighters
McGowan, Kevin P.05/11/2009doc 49664kbView »
Applied Measurement
Industrial Psychology in Human Resource Management
Whetzel and Wheaton05/11/2009pdf 2017838kbView »
Ricci v DeStafano
Frederick, David02/25/2009pdf 222802kbView »
Slippery Slope of “Alternatives” Altering the Topography of Employment Testing?
Sharf, James05/11/2009pdf 175878kbView »
Ricci v. DeStefano - Involving Title VII “Alternatives” and the Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause
Sharf, James05/11/2009pdf 163934kbView »
Gating Items
Over the past twenty years in performance testing a specific item type with distinguishing characteristics has arisen time and time again. It’s been invented independently by dozens of test development teams. And yet this item type is not recognized in the research literature. This article is an invitation to investigate the item type, evaluate the contexts in which it may be appropriately used, and assess possible statistical and administrative ramifications of the item type.
Judd, Wallace06/02/2009pdf 138506kbView »
Six Strategies for Designing Creative Insightful Performance Items
A pre-Summit Workshop
Judd, Wallace08/17/2009pdf 17593kbView »
Job Task Analysis for Performance Testing
A pre-Summit Workshop
Berry, Thomas08/17/2009pdf 16052kbView »
Why Test?
An article on performance testing
The Performance Testing Council Founding Members01/30/2004pdf 40989kbView »
Balancing Job-relatedness with Real Lives
Summit presentation of the SRTA Dental Hygienist Examination
Davis, Susan10/22/2009pdf 407533kbView »
Performance Testing Tools Survey
survey data from performance testing tools survey
Design and Delivery Committee10/21/2009ppt 15720448kbView »
Performance Testing Tools Survey PDF
survey data from performance testing tools survey - pdf format
Design and Delivery Committee10/28/2009pdf 737083kbView »
Psychometric References
Listing of psychometric references compiled by the PTC Psychometrics Committee
PTC Psychometrics Committee10/23/2009doc 1668096kbView »
Psychometric Concepts and Analyses Learning Objectives
Learning Objectives for the Psychometric Concepts and Analyses presented at NOCA
NOCA10/23/2009pdf 88209kbView »
Various Test Program Evaluation Standards
A compiled list of where to obtain Test Program Evaluation Standards
PTC Psychometrics Committee10/23/2009doc 2689536kbView »
Adaptive Testing for Classifications Using Decision Theory
A paper presented at the annual meeting of AERA
Rudner, Lawrence M.04/15/2004pdf 752620kbView »
Advances in Standard Setting for Professional Licensure Examinations
A paper presented at the annual meeting of AERA
Pitoniak, Hambleton, Sireci04/01/2002pdf 344810kbView »
Automatic Item Generation Methodology in Theory and Practice
A study prepared for the Medical Council of Canada
Pitoniak, Mary J.01/24/2002pdf 381893kbView »
A Brief Introduction to Evidence-Centered Design
A paper providing an introduction to the basic ideas of ECD
Mislevy, Almond, Lukas05/12/2003pdf 119679kbView »
Computer Based Testing and Validity
A look into the future of computer-based testing and validity
Russell, Goldberg, O'Connor08/01/2003pdf 179931kbView »
Expected Classification Accuracy
A discussion of a procedure for developing a classification table of true and expected score categories
Rudner, Lawrence M.04/01/2004pdf 271319kbView »
Expected Classification Accuracy
A presentation of a procedure for developing a classification table of true and expected score categories
Rudner, Lawrence M.04/01/2004ppt 134144kbView »
Intuitive Test Theory
A discussion of some "phenomenological primitives" about testing and assessment
Mislevy and Braun05/17/2001pdf 161666kbView »
Item Cluster Method for Setting a Passing Score
A presentation of the CPA exam
Hambleton and Wild07/07/2005pdf 278964kbView »
Project Based Learning
A working paper on the learning issues in projects
Peter W.G. Morris and Irene Loch02/11/2002pdf 322992kbView »
Relationships between Alpha Coefficient and Scale Stability Index
A paper describing an empirical investigation between two reliability coefficients as indices of relationship among a set of item or task scores
Olsen, James07/08/2004doc 45568kbView »
Setting a Passing Score on the Uniform CPA Examination
A presentation of the CPA exam
Biskin, Hambleton, Wild07/17/2003pdf 201917kbView »
Setting Standards on Tests Containing Computerized Performance Tasks
An evaluation of four standard setting methods for performance assessments
Pitoniak, Hambleton, Biskin07/07/2005pdf 365442kbView »
The Evolution of the NAEP Achievement Levels Setting Process
A summary of the research and development efforts conducted by ACT
Reckase, Mark06/01/2000pdf 290185kbView »
Statistical Test Theory for Education and Psychology
A manuscript on Statistical Test Theory
Dato N. M. de Gruijter & Leo J. Th. Van der Kamp05/01/2002pdf 1016529kbView »
Theory Frameworks and Extensions Useful for Scoring Complex Performance Tests
A white paper descibing methods that may be useful for scoring complex performance exercises or tests
Olsen, James10/14/2004pdf 1021366kbView »
Work Classification Method Training
AICPA presentation on WCM
Hambleton and Wild07/07/2005pdf 289270kbView »
Sample Performance Test Psychometrics Part II
This paper shows a variety of psychometric analyses that can be conducted with a performance data
Olsen, James10/14/2004doc 243712kbView »
Sample Performance Test Psychometrics
This paper shows a variety of psychometric analyses that can be conducted with a performance data
Olsen, James10/13/2004doc 265216kbView »
Preliminary Factor analysis results of a twenty item Performance Test – Draft 1.0
Documented Analysis for the Performance Testing Council
McCook, William09/10/2004doc 303104kbView »
5-Item Weighted Info
A tool for 5-Item weighted analysis
Judd, Wallace10/28/2009xls 322048kbView »
Decision Theoretical Test Analysis by Lawrence Rudner
Integrating Decision Theory In Testing
Judd, Wallace10/28/2009xls 27136kbView »
Decision Theoretical Test Analysis - Poly by Lawrence Rudner
A tool for decision theoretical test analysis
Judd, Wallace10/28/2009xls 30720kbView »
Cost Analysis
Recommended principles and procedures for evaluating Project costs
Olsen and Newby10/13/2004doc 26624kbView »
Cutpoint Testing
A discussion on determing a passing score
Judd, Wallace11/01/2002pdf 300475kbView »
Five-Item Test
A tool for Five-Item Test analysis
Judd, Wallace10/28/2008xls 278016kbView »
A generalizability Theory Approach toward Estimating Standard Errors of Cutscores Using the Bookmark Standard Setting Procedure
A paper presented at the annual meeting of the NCME
Guemin and Lewis04/13/2001pdf 460843kbView »
The Guilford-Guttman Dual-Distribution Cutpoint Computation
Implementation of Guilford and Guttman's work on cutpoint calculation.
Judd, Wallace10/28/2009xls 195584kbView »
Hybrid Testing
A presentation on hybrid testing
Judd, Wallace10/14/2004doc 25600kbView »
Hybrid Testing
A presentation on hybrid testing
Judd, Wallace10/28/2008ppt 44032kbView »
Three Parameter Item Test Theory
A tool for three parameter item test theory
Judd, Wallace10/28/2008xls 135168kbView »
ICC and Information
A tool for ICC
Judd, Wallace10/28/2009xls 48128kbView »
Item Generator
A tool for Test of Normal Random Number Generation
Judd, Wallace10/28/2008xls 1908224kbView »
A tool for 5 Item ICC
Judd, Wallace10/28/2008xls 496640kbView »
Appeals by Type
A graphical presentation of appeals by type
Judd, Wallace10/28/2008xls 39424kbView »
A Performance Testing Glossary
The meanings of terms appropriate to the context of performance testing
Various03/18/2005doc 70656kbView »
The Omega in Testing
A research report prepared for the Performance Testing Council on the goal of testing
Judd, Wallace01/01/2005pdf 428245kbView »
Scale Stability Index (SSI) 1.0 Brief
A briefing on the scale stability index
Judd, Wallace10/28/2008doc 89600kbView »
Scale Stability Index (SSI) 1.0
A tool to calculate the Scale Stability Index
Judd, Wallace10/28/2008xls 112128kbView »
Sum Five-Item Test
A tool for Sum Five-Item tests
Judd, Wallace10/28/2008xls 321024kbView »
Test Score Converter
A tool for test score conversion
Judd, Wallace10/28/2008xls 23552kbView »
Validating a New Reliability Measure
A PTC paper on reliability measures for performance tests
Judd, Wallace08/14/2004doc 68096kbView »
Validity Centered Design
A paper on validity centered design
Bunderson, C. Victor10/13/2004doc 35840kbView »
Measuring Team Performance in Simulations
measurement tools for evaluating team performance in a simulation experience
Salas, Eduardo02/16/2010pdf 500663kbView »
Simulation-Based Team Training Performance Assessment
Presentation at Orlando Summit
Shuffler, Marissa02/15/2010ppt 1192960kbView »
Institute for Simulation and Training - Presentation and Tour Summary
Bios and Lab descriptions for the Institute for Simulation and Training Tour and Presentations
Timmcke, Julie02/16/2010doc 35328kbView »
Go With The Flow
Abstract of Go With The Flow, research by Dr. Karen Cooper
Cooper, Karen02/16/2010pdf 0kbView »
An Overview of Human Performance Assessment Using Simulation
Presentation at Orlando Summit on Simulation Projects at the Institute for Simulation and Training, University of Central Florida
Kincaid, Peter02/16/2010pdf 0kbView »
Research in Advanced Performance Technology and Educational Readiness
Presentation at Orlando Summit on RAPTER Lab Simulation Projects at the Institute for Simulation and Training, University of Central Florida
Tarr, Ronald02/16/2010pdf 0kbView »
Performance Testing Tools Survey Review
A review of the results of the performance testing tools survey conducted by the design and delivery committee.
Elaine Lopes12/31/2009pdf 0kbView »
2011 News
What's New in 2011 for The Performance Testing Council
Timmcke, Julie01/24/2011doc 169472kbView »
Test Talk Spreadsheet Resource
Spreadsheet Resource for 2-3-11 Test Talk with the Doctors J
Judd, Wallace02/03/2011xls 72704kbView »
Webinar recording 2-3-11 Test Talk with the Doctors J
Timmcke, Julie02/03/201159 Test Talk with The Doctors J 0kbView »
Performance Testing Council Summit Presentations
Summit Program descriptions
Timmcke, Julie04/18/2011pdf 63167kbView »
Evolving Your PBT Program - The Citrix Story
PTC Summit Presentation, Chapel Hill 2012
Tamba, Kpayah08/15/20120 1256157kbView »
PTC Webinar Series - Understanding Open Badges
PTC webinar - September 12, 2013
Jarin Schmidt10/04/2013 0kbView »
PTC Webinar Series - The Birth of a New Item Type
PTC webinar - October 10, 2013
Sinead Hogan McSweeney10/11/2013mp4 0kbView »
PTC Webinar Series - The Evolution of Assessment and the Use of Simulations and Serious Games
PTC webinar presentation November 14, 2013
Dr. Michael Fetzer, CEB11/15/2013wmv 0kbView »
PTC Webinar Series - Ramifications of the Challenges in Developing a Performance based Board Review Test 12-10-13
PTC webinar presentation December 10, 2013
Petrini, Karen and Adams, Belinda12/10/2013 0kbView »
PTC Webinar Series - Live Application Testing Using Cloud Technology
PTC webinar presentation January 9, 2014
Dr. Wallace Judd01/10/2014 0kbView »
PTC Webinar 2-13-14
ANSI Collaboration on Credentialing
Timmcke, Julie02/18/2014pptx 167459kbView »
PTC Webinar Series - ANSI & GWIPP Collaboration on Credentialing
PTC Webinar, February 13, 2014
Steve Crawford02/18/2014wmv 250000kbView »
PTC Webinar Series - Improving Exam Security With Performance Items_ Knowing is Doing
PTC Webinar May 22, 2014
Lisa O'Leary05/27/2014wmv 230000kbView »
Innovative item options with the Pearson VUE test drivers
PTC Webinar, July 25, 2014
Ramstad, Ruth08/11/2014ppt 1216000kbView »
PTC Monthly Webinar Series Developing Software Simulation Test Items for Pearson VUE Athena
PTC Webinar, August 14, 2014
Heinz, William08/14/2014wmv 212200kbView »
Palm Springs Summit - March 2015
Agenda for Palm Springs Summit - March 2015
Timmcke, Julie02/04/2015pdf 163726kbView »
Performance Testing Design Approaches
Characteristics and applicability of performance based exam design approaches
PTC Design and Delivery chaired by Elaine Lopes03/30/2015pdf 813683kbView »
Lessons learned in the development and deployment of Innovative Item Types
PTC Webinar, April 9, 2015
Julian, Ellen04/20/2015wmv 59976kbView »
Remote or Online Exam Proctoring - Is it for you?
PTC Webinar, May 14, 2015
Weidner, Christie05/14/2015wmv 21610kbView »
Summit Agenda - Ft. Lauderdale 2015
Summit Agenda with session decriptions
Timmcke, Julie09/10/2015pdf 109131kbView »
Fort Lauderdale Summit Logistics
Timmcke, Julie00/00/0000pdf 522521kbView »
Summit Agenda Orlando 2016
Orlando 2016 Summit Agenda
Julie Timmcke02/04/2016docx 104866kbView »
The Standard for Performance Testing - ASTM E2849
PTC Webinar presentation
Judd, Wallace07/21/2016mp4 30190kbView »
2016 Culver City Summit Attendee list
Julie Wineberg11/08/2016doc 30827kbView »
2016 Culver City Summit-How to get started w/ PBT
Beverly Van de Velde from Symantec shares experience starting a PBT program
Beverly Van de Velde11/08/2016pdf 1770264kbView »
2016 Culver City Summit New Players in the Work of Psychometrics, Analytics, and Pragmatics
Judith Hale of Hale Associates shares new information in the area of Psychometrics
Judith Hale11/08/2016pptx 1684241kbView »
2016 Culver City Psychometric Poll results
Ellen Julian of Inteleos facilitates a Psychometric poll
Attendees of the summit11/08/2016pptx 1022321kbView »
2016 Culver City Summit PBT Legal Requirements
Wallace Judd of Authentic Testing shares his experience serving as an expert witness
Wallace Judd11/08/2016docx 891681kbView »
2016 Culver City Summit Rise and Fall of PerformIT
Josh Hester from Kaplan IT shares experiences with what not to do in Performance Based Testing programs
Josh Hester11/08/2016pptx 5371144kbView »
2016 Culver City Supporting PBT end to end
Andy Stockinger, Ruth Ramstad Pearson VUE with Patrick Colacurcio Xtreme Consulting share considerations for supporting a PBT program
Andy Stockinger, Patrick Colacurcio, Ruth Ramstad11/08/2016pdf 1422804kbView »
2016 Culver City Summit-Symantec and Test Toolbox PBT Pilot
Beverly Van de Velde, Orlando Martinez of Symantec, along with Eric Jenson and Rich Corbridge of Test Toolbox talk about their experiences building tools to support PBT pilot
Beverly Van de Velde, Orlando Martinez, Eric Jenson, Rich Corbridge11/08/2016pdf 1583885kbView »
Proposal for Summit Presentation
Julie Wineberg08/01/2017docx 37770kbView »
Mar 2017 summit - Attendee feedback - Likes&Needs
Julie Wineberg03/17/2017docx 14690kbView »
Mar 2017 summit - Attendees
Julie Wineberg03/17/2017docx 87537kbView »
Summit Agenda Scottsdale March 2017
Summit agenda with presentation details
Julie Wineberg02/27/2017doc 0kbView »
PTC Psychometric Glossary Mar 2017
Glossary of terms related to performance testing
Psychometric committee chaired by Ellen Julian03/15/2017pdf 147586kbView »
Mar 2017 summit-Good, Bad&Ugly of Launching Cybersecurity Exam
Jon Brandt - ISACA03/16/2017pptx 3028799kbView »
Mar 2017 summit - Increasing access to assessment - in application testing & the ECDL
Adam Freeman - PSI UK03/16/2017pptx 294881kbView »
Mar 2017 summit Automating Grading of Performance Based Exams at Cloud Scale
Amar Rao - Biarca03/16/2017pdf 879711kbView »
Mar 2017 summit - How to Think About Simulations
Ruth Ramstad - Pearson VUE03/16/2017pdf 622316kbView »
Mar 2017 summit - Assessment Methods for Employment Testing
Kevin Bradley - HumRRO03/16/2017pptx 3511141kbView »
Mar 2017 summit - evening reception
Julie Wineberg03/17/2017jpg 702382kbView »
Mar 2017 summit - lunch crowd
Julie Wineberg03/17/2017jpg 745216kbView »
Mar 2017 summit - example of interactive presentations
Julie Wineberg03/17/2017jpg 638916kbView »
00/00/0000docx 43587kbView »
2017 Redmond Summit Agenda w/ descriptions
Julie Wineberg09/19/2017docx 149668kbView »
2017 Redmond Summit Update on E2849-13 Wallace Judd
Wallace Judd10/16/2017doc 81920kbView »
2017 Attendees in Redmond
Julie Wineberg10/16/2017xlsx 13507kbView »
2017 Redmond Summit-Changing Mindset of SMEs-Netlogon
David Elfassy10/16/2017pdf 1143817kbView »
2017 Redmond Summit Hololens demo pic
Julie Wineberg10/16/2017JPG 33226kbView »
2017 Redmond Summit ITCC Badge Checklist-Clarke P&Kristin G
Clarke Porter and Kristin Gibson10/16/2017pptx 432077kbView »
00/00/0000pdf 4120767kbView »
2017 Redmond Summit How to protect your exams-Palo Alto Networks w/ audience feedback
Maurilio Gorito10/16/2017pptx 7908247kbView »
2017 Redmond Summit Scoring Task Force Update
Beverly van de Velde10/16/2017pptx 86408kbView »
00/00/0000JPG 81682kbView »
2017 Redmond Summit When you need a Psychometrician? Julian Consulting
Ellen Julian10/16/2017pptx 142982kbView »
2017 Redmond Summit Thoughts from the Trenches-Xtreme Consulting
Patrick Colacurcio10/16/2017pdf 948627kbView »
2017 Redmond Summit Joint ITCC&PTC presentation
Kristin Gibson and Rory McCorkle10/16/2017pdf 4120767kbView »